MedXCell announces that CYTEA BIO has collaborated with EFS Besançon (PIBT) and Bionoveo for the development and manufacture of cell therapy products

September 13, 2023

Montpellier, September 13, 2023 – It is with great excitement that CYTEA BIO announces its collaboration with EFS Besançon (PIBT) and Bionoveo. This partnership is aimed at propelling the development and manufacturing of our state-of-the-art cell therapy products. These groundbreaking therapies signify a novel category of medical progress, harnessing the potential of allogeneic natural killer (NK) cells sourced from human umbilical cord blood (UCB) armed with a chosen monoclonal antibody (mAb), expertly designed with a high-affinity Fc region.

Alan Cookson, the CEO of CYTEA BIO, remarked, “Through this collaboration, our commitment lies in advancing the realm of cell therapy and addressing a pressing, unmet medical necessity for patients grappling with glioblastoma. At the forefront of our inaugural clinical trial stands our flagship product, CYT-102, holding the promise of enhanced treatment outcomes and renewed hope.

This collaboration marks a milestone where expertise converges, aspirations align, and medical innovation takes center stage. Together, we are venturing into uncharted territories, guided by our dedication to scientific excellence and patient well-being. The synergy between CYTEA BIO, EFS Besançon, and Bionoveo resonates with the potential to redefine medical standards and reinvigorate the lives of countless individuals.

As we embark on this remarkable journey, the path ahead may present challenges, yet it is illuminated by the prospect of reshaping the landscape of healthcare. Through relentless determination and collaborative spirit, we strive to make a lasting impact. The core of our endeavor remains rooted in compassion, guided by purpose, and driven by a commitment to improving lives. The future is promising, and we are poised to drive positive change.

CYTEA BIO is a pre-clinical stage biotech company developing therapeutic products by combining genetically unmodified effector cells and engineered targeting ligands. Its patented Pin™ Platform enables practically limitless combinations of effector mechanisms and targeting ligands for applications in oncology and immunology.

Based in Besançon (France), Bionoveo is an health R&D center specialized in bioproduction and cellular engineering. Bionoveo performs some services for industrials, as biomedicines pre-production, with UMR1098 Right and EFS scientific support.

about MedxCell

MedXCell is a Swiss biotech venture builder led by entrepreneurs and backed by private investors. Our operating model is to co-design early-stage projects with academic institutions, followed by the creation of independent business ventures centered around the most commercially-viable ideas. MedXCell subsequently finances and manages the operations of these ventures before integrating co-investors for later-stage development. MedXCell’s current portfolio includes CYTEA BIO and BIORESPX, two robust technological platforms that have advanced to the non-clinical proof of concept (POC) stage.