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MedXCell is a Swiss biotech venture builder led by entrepreneurs and backed by private investors. Our operating model involves co-designing early-stage projects with academic institutions, followed by the creation of self-standing ventures centered around the most commercially-viable ideas. 

We then finance and manage the operations of these ventures before integrating co-investors for later-stage development. MedXCell's current portfolio includes CYTEA BIO and BIORESPX, two robust technological platforms that have advanced to the non-clinical proof of concept (POC) stage. 

Our focus is on technologies, techniques or a novel applications in major diseases such as cancer, autoimmune, neurological and degenerative disorders.

Established in 2018, we have offices in Switzerland (Montreux), France (Montpellier) and the US (Cambridge, MA) and a multidisciplinary expert team with entrepreneurial, clinical, operational, business development and funding capabilities.




Technological platforms


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Our Mission

Our mission is to identify scientific breakthroughs and transform them into clinical assets.

Operating Model


We take the selected opportunities in-house and co-develop with the academic institutions the most commercially-viable ideas until the proof-of-principle stage.


We scout for promising ideas within our European academic network of partners.


We continue to support our pipeline companies financially and operationally and integrate co-investors until liquidity events such as a sale (trade or private equity) or an IPO


We create, finance and manage pipeline companies - as self - standing ventures - based on those ideas that we believe could have a life of their own and monetise those that can be sold as early-stage assets.

Fast & Efficient

In developing multiple projects and ideas at the same time.

Economies of Scale

In the otherwise costly early-stage development period. 


From creating cross-venture synergies. 


For a longer time and in multiple rounds (often alongside partner investors or non-related VC’s).

A pre-clinical stage biotech company developing therapeutic products by combining genetically unmodified effector cells and engineered targeting ligands. The patented Pin™ Platform enables practically limitless combinations of effector mechanisms and targeting ligands for applications in oncology and immunology.



A new family of functional excipient molecules developed in collaboration with researchers at the EPFL. Those molecules can protect and enhance the activity of biological drugs (particularly antibody drugs) and thus make possible the direct delivery of biological drugs in liquid formulations directly into the respiratory tract.

More information coming soon.

Passionate People

Team Behind MedXCell

Team Behind MedXCell

MedXCell has a core expertise in biotechnology, with decades of relevant experience among its employees. There is a particularly strong experience in working at the academic / industry interface and bringing academic technology developments to successful monetization.

In addition, Medxcell’s executives have extensive experience in technology evaluation, IP creation, translational development, pharmaceutical product development, clinical practice and registration.

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